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What’s the Benefit of Lash Extensions?


  • Eye Lash Extensions create a beautiful frame for the natural eye shape, requiring little or no make up to look effortlessly glamorous.


  • The fullness of the lashes which immediately adds a pleasing focal point of the eyes, often bringing out the color and depth of the natural eye.


  • The curl of the lash extensions also help lift and frame the face.


  • The lash extensions look completely natural which is not only seamless but also weightless and delicate with the natural eye lash, so that the natural lash is never compromised, preserving the length of sustainability and overall health.


  • Expect your procedure to be inviting, relaxing, and luxurious. Ā Our professionals are licensedĀ estheticians, certified in lash extensions and microblading, ensuring the highest quality of work through continuing education and application.